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European Car Breakdown Cover

If your biggest fear is getting stuck at the side of the road in the rain with no hope of rescue then you need car breakdwon cover. Compare the UK's best breakdown cover in minutes using our car breakdown cover comparison to find the cheapest breakdown cover quotes. Options include home start, in case your car won't start at home, onward travel, which can include covering the cost of a hire car or temporary accommodation, or regular roadside assistance which will get you back on the road immediately or take you to the nearest garage.

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European Car breakdown cover questions

These are some of the common questions people have, and answers, so you know what to expect before you get a compare european car breakdown cover or get a european car breakdown cover quote.

What the difference between personal and vehicle cover?

This is when only your vehicle will be covered, so you can only call out for assistance when the covered car breaks down. Personal cover covers any car you travel in, whether you are driving or a passenger.

Is there a limit to the number of claims i can make?

Normally yes however it does depend on the policy. Some the policy may limit the number of callouts per year or some may limit the cover based on a monetary value.

About our european car breakdown cover comparison

These are some of the common questions people have, and answers, about our european car breakdown comparsion service

Who's included in the comparison?

We try to include as many providers as possible. Some of which are paid for promotions and some are not.

How do we make money from the comparison service?

We have affiliate arrangements with some providers, these are indicated by a green "See Deal" button. We then recieve a commission on any sale. Please note this does not affect the price you pay. Our service is provided completely free of charge and this commission goes someone to covering the cost of running the site.

How often do you update the deal information?

We try to review the information weekly although this is subject to the provider supplying us with the information. We accept no liability for incorrect data or information on the providers website.

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